Black Bird

Plague they screamed! Hide, run, cover it is coming for all. It does not distinguish between status, gender or intelligence.

Ca ! The sound of the dark feathered birds. Any diseases, any weak, any with undiscovered illnesses run as fast as you can.

Ahhhhhh! My head. Help its eating my nose.

Get off my arm.

The black birds came out of no where. Crows they said. But these birds come to point out where the hidden illness lies. The target the true points of illness, corruptions, lies and the parts that stink of dead flesh.

Crows they said. Afraid of the vicious, important part of nature. They where made for a reason. Soft, forest smelling, flesh eating, quiet but loud, majestic and eerie black birds.

We fly in groups and expose as individuals.  We are polite but not domesticated. They judges us because we are different. Unloved, undesired odd and very unusual. However,  we are a necessity. Always around , some where one of us are watching. You will hear us ca!

I am the writer, the voice of the unwanted and the one sitting in the silence on your shelf. You may have seen me but you do not know it is me. We may have had coffee or tea or beverage in the same vicinity but you do not know it’s me.

My elongated mouth , black, hard and crushing. They call me the plague dr. I must correct this. I am not a dr but one that will release the truth. Exposing the lies. I’m not hiding. I am right here. I am near, you will hear my ca! Tonight.

I am the untappedwriter. My beak is long, my feather soft, I expose the truth and you may know me. I am sitting on your shelf or not. Share my story if you please. Share if you dare to want to see me©️untappedwriter


Published by Untapped Writer

My silence in a book on your shelf.. and let my work voice for me.

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