A Thing

There are things we don’t like about you he said. You do not value yourself at all. You let people step on you and you just go along with it. Please do something! React. As I stood there emotional with the first thing he uttered. A thing right? But he said there are things. As in I am that broken and imperfect that he calls me to hang out just to tell me these things. Things that he has no clue how I fight. Why I do them and how I sometimes can not understand them. The things he continued to utter. Where simply one Real thing.

That I am the one “thing” he cannot wrap his head around. I am not a thing

I uttered.. the things you are listing are simply me being human and figuring life out. Next time dont call me to discuss a very natural and normal thing

I am worth more than his words.

Don’t let a thing hold you back.


#life #writing #humanity #conversations #shorts

Published by Untapped Writer

My silence in a book on your shelf.. and let my work voice for me.

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