Drumming, I hear it! Who on earth would be drumming at three in the morning? Humming, now they are humming. What next! Why do I always have to wake up at this time. And how is it that’s something weird usually happens. Every night and I’m still amazed. I guess I just hope for one night of actual peace. Ouch! Why don’t adults have fancy night lights. What the, but how? I’m in the living room but how? And why is the door open.

Okay.. I’m going to see who these people are. As I pushed tbat old white door. All I could hear now was the fast thumps of my heart beat. Hu, no one is outside, not a soul and definitely no human. I swear I heard drumming, marching and singing. As if it where some low toned gregorian chant. Ever since I did that thing. Nights have gotten way worse.

Will it stop. Will this ever stop? ©️

#horror #thriller #fiction #dark #October #shorts #2021 #hanger


Published by Untapped Writer

My silence in a book on your shelf.. and let my work voice for me.

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