Thank you all for coming tonight. I know you. Would have much preferred to sit at home, in your favorite couch and with a book. As most of us would want. Yet, you are here. Let’s raise our glass to you. Our success is in the minds of each one of us. Cling – cling , here here to us!

Alright, I’ve gathered us for one more competition. The challenge is to write a one page story. No word count limits, no font limits and most importantly no creative limits. Winner will have their work published in all the news letters, newspapers and heard on the best podcasts.

I want you to write your hearts out. All the dark, sad, trauma, gloom,joy, fear, thrill and honesty out on this paper. The host personally hands papers to the two hundred VIP guests.

Three, two, one and begin . You have one hour. I am looking for elegance. Sexual content unfortunately even if it is about trauma cannot be aired and maybe best to sit this one out. Sociopolitical and governmental rules I sadly have not overcome yet.

But if you feel a burning desire to write this content I suggest you do after our contest is over and burn it or hand it over to the vigilantes.

Fifty minutes left. Might I add that winner also leaves with two thousand dollars. As the host walked around in the room. The smell of fear and excitement took over the room.

For once writers of all types, hand picked, screened for deep and meaningful writings. All in one place being celebrated.

I know that as writers we are filled with more than just stories. We are many times creative creatures, misunderstood, rejected, neglected, ignored, ridiculed and very few times accepted with open arms. Tonight that changes!

Those who do not win will still have an opportunity to have their work published but in a less traditional form. Our secret weapon is here tonight and they will be your brand leader. They will take your work and make it explode. Fifteen minutes the server yelled.

They will take your work and get it into emails of the best agencies, authors and writers. Posters of your work will be planted. Yes, all of you get that opportunity tonight.

As for me, I personally wanted to congratulate, celebrate and honor all of you tonight. Why? Because I have seen the cafe’s with incredible writers who never publish. The web is full of deep, emotional, creative and outstanding people. Who have hidden their work, talents because of fear. Our pain, journey, failures and rejections are what make our stories better. It is our secret power! We allow our readers to feel hope, joy, love, courage and fearlessness. Some of our readers, followers of community have no escape. They cannot escape their life, culture, trauma, traditions or evil that befalls them. Yet, as we write, we provide a brief moment of rest.

Time is up! Oh, great, good time is up. Bring them to me. As the night went on the host disappeared. By three in the morning the host had a winner.

The winner is (drum roll) who ever wrote “Unforgettable “.©️


Published by Untapped Writer

My silence in a book on your shelf.. and let my work voice for me.

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