The truth

I didn’t say that.

No I didn’t do that and that never came out of my mouth.

I’ve given all my life up for you.

I did this for you.

I wasn’t talking about you I was talking about me.

I work my arse off, so if I want to throw my close on the ground; you clean it again.

What can you do without me?

I love you.

Did you see your cousin? They didn’t even say hi to me. They should at least..

Why dont you do it the way I say.

They are suffering because they didn’t do it my way.

You need to acknowledge me always.

I’m not upset. You are, I didn’t start this conversation. You did.

How did I lose my phone I have 4 pairs of eyes (to the children) and its lost!

I want.

I said.

P says theses things often and whenever there is an issues against then its never p’s fault. P talks to the dead parents often and spends nights crying. Telling themselves they haven’t done anything out of the normal or wrong to be ignored. They run the biggest cult at night. Then turn around and cry. P.. lies, manipulates, cheats, turns family, friends, neighbors against each other and is always the victim.

P cries in front of strangers to feed on sympathy and gain control. P is beautiful, wise, experienced but not perfect. Although P believes they are internally perfect, they will never announce it. P is an angry-perfectionist. P refuses help, therapy, criticism and never is responsible or takes blame for anything.

P is your covert narcissist. The one who brings the homemade cookies (bought in a store). Whom nods their head and making eye contact. Saying “mmhum” but is actually thinking about anything and everything else but you. P is the guidance, leader often very extroverted and welcoming. P is the grandiose type. Talking often about the riches they had or have. The important people they knew. The position they obtained.

P could be a mother, a sister, a friend, a child.

All i know is that if you meet p. Give her my regards by sharing this letter.



Published by Untapped Writer

My silence in a book on your shelf.. and let my work voice for me.

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