She is beautiful. Very pretty.

Did you hear she is athletic too?

No, I thought she was a brainiac. Just really smart and pretty.

She doesn’t talk much hu?


Look at her posture she sits straight up. How is it that she looks like a porcelain doll? So, flawless.

I wonder what she thinks about.

She –

This hair needs to go down. I refuse to go to school if my hair isnt they way I want it.

Mom: hey I just got a call saying you missed 1st period. Why?

Well, my hair and makeup isn’t as I want it. I can’t go to school feeling off. How will I smile? You need me to smile.

Mom: ok, once your done go to school.


I didn’t do any of my assignments again. I guess no lunch again.

Oh no. I’m slouching. Mom says it’s not good to slouch that she’ll put a metal harness on me if I keep doing it.

Why are people always staring. I’m always doing everything I can to fit in.

Oh no my sweat is making my hair frizz. Miss miss ! I need to go to the bathroom. Ugh…. hair oil! Ahh there it is, uff that was close.


Hi, my name is Zach. I sit behind you in math. I’m new to school so I just wanted to introduce myself to people.

She- why is he talking to me? No , one talks to me. I only really have one friend. What do I say? I wasn’t ready for this. This isnt what I do everyday.

Hi, I am chi.

Chi turns around and starts walking to the math room.

Zach: oh hey, can I walk with you. Like I said I sit behind you in math class? Well, you dont have to answer. It’s my class too.

She: he needs to leave me alone. I dont have what I will say. I dont know what he will say next or do.

Zach opens the door for her. She goes under his arm and doesnt give any eye contact to him again.

Zach to his friends- who is she? Why doesn’t she want to talk. Is she just shy? Dude stay away from her, shes dated some guys and well she must be single for some reason now. Wait! Are you guys friends with her? No, man. We’ve just seen and know enough about her. Shes a little strange.

Zach – yeah ok but does she have friends?

Yeah, man she does. Dont worry about her your wasting your time.

Chi- turns around in her desk facing all five boys and says. I can hear you. That’s not nice and you dont know me. We never talk.

Rad- oh she speaks. Half a semester in this class. You never answer class questions but she speaks.

Chi turns around and continues listening to the teacher.

Rad and the gang keep talking about her to get her attention.

But it’s too late Chi.. is sitting there but not present.

Chi has been described as beautiful, slender, kind, honest, quiet, funny, good in basically everything. Great at acting, singing, art, fashion, drama, english, history but she never speaks up during math. She is on the honor role, has been voted best smile, secretly girls envy her and some even want to date her. The same stand for the guys in her circle. They either defend her, like her or write her off as strange.

No one knows Chi’s truth. Unknown to her even until the day of graduation.

Chi had always been either too good or a little bit off. Always put together and found her self in front of the mirror everyday. Practicing how to smile, say hello. Everyday with people she associated daily be it teachers, her friend, family or her cat; chi had something planned. Chi always had a conversation for each person. Little did she know it was called a script and the reason she would dump the guys she dated was because she had nothing to say past her script. Right before going to university Chi found out she is autistic. On spectrum.

This post is dedicated to those with autism on spectrum. You matter, you are accepted as you are and there is nothing off with you. You are beautiful, wonderful, intelligent and anything you want to be.

Happy writing and remember be kind.


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My silence in a book on your shelf.. and let my work voice for me.

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