How did I get here? This body. It is stretched, curved and elongated in ways I don’t understand.

I see the silhouette of the body I now have but even that I can not stand.

Squish, squeeze, tug, pull, cover, hide but I still know inside. I am not what you see.

How did I get here, where did it start? I can not correct it not by my hand.

Sweat, run, eat, limit, one meal or two. Dizzy, clumsy that will not do.

So healthy I get but the pounds do not shed.

This body, it’s what my mind lives in. It’s not just a shell.

It’s meant to carry me. Take me places and grow in the right sort of band.

Cut the hair, shave, buy new clothes, hide, repeat but inside and underneath I’m still beat.

In the ring we are on one side the champion on the other side the fallen. Doing ding! Ring the bell.

Smile, smile it’s all worth while. Burning sensations, heat elevations and check.the blood Doc.

All is fine.

How did I get here? It is far from fine. Far from where it should be. No tugging, no wrapping, no clothes can hide it.

I’m stuck in this body.

How did I get here. ©️

I hope you enjoy. Happy writing.


Published by Untapped Writer

My silence in a book on your shelf.. and let my work voice for me.

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